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Fleet EV Conversion Kits

CEV Motors is excited to announce an all-electric repower kit for vans and transit vehicles!

The Current EV Motors all-electric repower kit provides cities, municipalities, universities, and groups of all kind, the flexibility to configure their vehicles based on their driving needs – with a starting price of $45,000.

The competition’s solutions start at $85,000 require groups to buy more than they need, and offer no way to upgrade as they grow.  CEV is offering a ‘right sized’ solution – at a fraction of the price.

As you may know, CEV Motors owns the intellectual property for direct-drive EV conversion kits in The United States and Canada. 

How it works:

  • Fill out our short form below which gives us the relevant information on your vehicle fleet.
  • A specialist will be in touch to schedule a quick consult
  • We will respond with an estimate / full information on how costs and payments work.
  • We get to work on repowering your fleet.

Thank you for being part of the future of electric mobility!

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