CEV Motors was born out of a passion for automobiles and a frustration with planned obsolescence. 

Founder, Rocco Calandruccio, having grown up in rural East Tennessee, was all too aware of what happens to automobiles when they reach ‘end of life’. Hundreds of acres of pristine Tennessee farmland near his home were (and still are) covered with the rusting carcasses of vehicles whose engines or transmissions had died and the owner simply could not afford to repair them. As such, these vehicles were discarded and replaced with another.. and another.. and another.

Automobiles represent some of the best of design, mechanics, and engineering, but they also represent the worst of how humans are interfacing with the environment. This is due to the ‘internal combustion engine’. This machine is naturally only about 30% efficient, requires 1000s of moving parts (failure points) to operate, and is designed to require continual maintenance.

With advancements in battery and electric motor technology, we are at the dawn of a new era where we have the option to use renewable electricity to move us along the surface of the planet. We must ask ourselves, however; Is it practical, sensible, or ecologically responsible to discard the 1.5 Billion gas vehicles which are still in service with their brand new electric counterparts? Or, could it be, that the solution lies somewhere in-between?

At CEV Motors, we believe commercialized retrofit electrification is the future. 

(Battery) Power To The People

-CEV Motors