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Owning a vintage vehicle has its ups and downs. While we all love the look and feel of these beautiful classics, affording the maintenance, finding parts, or a mechanic who knows how to work on them can be challenging.

Retrofit electrification offers us the experience of driving a classic machine, without the hassle of maintenance and high fuel prices. Traditionally, however, an EV conversion was so cost prohibitive it was not accessible to most.

CEV Motors has approached electrification from a commercialization-only standpoint. We are not an EV conversion shop and we only create kits for vehicles that were built in great volumes and maintain a substantial market appeal. This allows us to serve an increasing audience of enthusiasts.

By pairing the same components we use in our Fleet vehicles with our vintage vehicles, we are able to maintain the high volumes and good prices customers expect. CEV Motors continues to develop conversion kits across a broad spectrum of vehicle types. Please contact us below for more information on our current solutions or the types of vehicles planned for the future.

Vehicle Example

1978 Ford F-150 (Gator)

Between 1961 and 1979, Ford Motor Company produced roughly 10,000,000 vehicles based on the chassis in this vehicle. Some consider this body style the most iconic truck of all time. When we set out to build our first kit, we knew it had to be a ‘dent-side’ F-150 because it was not only made in great numbers, it has tremendous curb appeal – and rising market value. Our patented conversion kit for these vehicles is a beautiful marriage of modern technology with timeless vintage character.

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