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Organizations of all sizes are electrifying their fleets, and for larger vehicles, the cost of purchasing a new EV is prohibitively expensive.

While larger companies can afford to update their fleet quickly to meet new demands, the electrification needs of small to medium sized fleets (the largest customer segment) has not yet been adequately addressed.

Cost / Value Dilemma

Options for fleet operators today are very limited. With waitlists spanning out several years and costs hovering around $100,000 – EV adoption is simply not practical for most.

Our commercialized kits, right-sized for each customer, solves these issues and empowers fleet shops to convert and maintain their existing fleet of vehicles – on budget.

Customer Example

The University of the south (Sewanee)

Like many educational institutions in the US, carbon neutrality has become a goal. One of the largest polluters (and expenditures) for an institution can be an aging fleet of vehicles. Sewanee and CEV motors are working together to achieve these goals while also keeping the university’s fleet budget intact. These actions set the stage for this institution to become the leader in the region for operating a truly carbon neutral fleet.

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